Podlings of Light

Behold a lovely plug-n-play lamp, one where you decide how it looks based on how you put the pieces together. It’s called ChromoSoma and it’s designed by Javier Alejandre. It’s a brilliantly simply yet hugely and decidedly thick lamp made for those with a taste for the floor-sitting nature it inflicts. Made up of two pieces: base and branch, each new piece creating a new bit of tree, creating your own personal forestral moment.

It’s a genealogical tree, one that you make real. each chromosome you determine, each piece of glazed ceramics you attach. The production system of this project is plaster cast, the creation of each piece unique, making the whole project a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

The creator of this project once had a website at http://javieralejandre.co.cc/, but it seems to be down now. If anyone has an idea of where J.A. has run off to, please leave note or let us know of a new address.

Designer: Javier Alejandre