Buh-Bye Hallmark!


There’s really something about brown paper packaging that looks down-to-earth, personal, and non-commercial. That’s why it lends itself beautifully to flowers. The last thing you want to do is corrupt a personal gesture with something that looks effortlessly store-bought. The Flower Packaging project taken up for Swedbag aims at bringing back that personal touch to the act of bouquet-giving. The packaging uses brown paper that can be easily folded into a cone to contain the flowers. Its unique design allows it to wrap around both small and large bouquets. The carrying bag for the bouquet is a breath of fresh air, with its unique shape, crafted to showcase the bouquet in all its natural glory.

Designed to be environment friendly, the bouquet cover makes no use of any adhesive. The carrying bag can too be easily reused by simply removing the label that holds it together. Now while I applaud any attempt to protect the environment, it does seem a little funny that we strive to protect mother nature while the bouquet is in itself, such a contradiction!

Designers: Johanna Brännström, Charlie Nyrjä, Alexandra Forssén and Camilla Edlund.