I give this product a Thumbs up!

I’m not afraid of admitting that I haven’t been wowed by simple-product design in a while. I opened my mailbox to find that I had to feature the Nail-it on Yanko and I felt my jaw drop a bit. The Nail-it plays on visual metaphors beautifully, creating a product that is just ideal.

Built around an absolutely brilliant idea, the Nail-it is a plastic Pinocchio shaped tool that saves your thumbs from being bruised by gripping onto nails while you hammer them in. The visual pun here is that when you grip the nail with this clever little product, the nail becomes Pinocchio’s nose (that you in turn, hammer in). The Nail-it also helps you hammer the nail perpendicularly, therefore preventing it from getting bent or broken. A perfect product for children with a hankering for tinkering, and for adults who are just kids at heart!

Designer: Avihai Shurin for Monkey Business







  • Tom says:

    They need to make a version for women that places the nail… a bit lower on the anatomy.

  • MWK says:

    Shouldn’t the holes, starting at the “no-nose” start larger and get smaller so that when the legs are pinched, to release the Pinocchio it gets easier to remove? It looks like larger nails will be more difficult to get past the smaller holes above the buttons.

  • trimtab21 says:

    Cute idea if you can tolerate your coworkers laughing at you. You can also accomplish the same thing using a shim shingle.

    • Sarang Sheth says:

      Or a pair of pliers, but there’s something beautiful about this solution, no? P.S. Let my coworkers laugh. At least I have intact thumbs.

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