Compact and Coordinated


Atollo is a set of six differently sized food preparation bowls that can be stacked together as a tidy, space-saving storage solution. Their capacities range from 250 milliliters to a maximum of 2.5 liters. Thanks to the wide range of capacities, the user can always find the exact size that he or she need. These bowls are perfect for kneading, beating eggs, whipping cream, or used as salad bowls, fruit baskets and more. Choosing the exact size of bowl directly from the cupboard is super easy thanks to the varying shapes of bowl trimmings that are also differently colored to correspond with each bowl’s capacity.

Designer: Dr. Viviana Degrandi





  • david says:

    isn’t that a copy of a joseph joseph product? (just styled differently)

  • Viviana Degrandi says:

    Dear David, I think joseph&joseph doesn’t invent anything, because nesting bowls exist before 1960 (you can see Tupperware sixty’s nesting bowls, not so different from joseph product). It is the right product in the right time: Atollo defines a different way to stack bowls, helping the user to bring them from the larder.

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