Christmas Reading: 360° Industrial Design – Fundamentals of Analytic Product Design


The Holiday Season is one good time when we slow down and take a break! It’s the time for some R&R along with catching up on some good reading. Everything is moving at a fast pace and complexities have become a part of our lives. Global competition and rapidly shrinking resources are forcing us to rethink the way we consume and design products. Join award-winning designer Arman Emami, in his quest to educate and enlighten us on relevant matters concerning to industrial design that address these very issues. To be fair, the book is precise and entertaining and a good read for anyone.

Significance of form, function, feel and appearance in relation to innovation and pricing and mass production, get a glimpse of it all via illustrated examples of good practices. Design students, young designers, creative lateral thinkers, product and marketing managers can all benefit from this book on intelligent design. As Arman puts it, “Complex processes are displayed in an entertaining and easily understandable way.”

Hardcover: 168 pages
Publisher: Niggli;

Book By: Arman Emami [ Buy it Here ]