A different kind of ‘handmade’


Mudra is a Sanskrit word meaning gesture. Hand gestures are a major part of India’s cultural heritage, especially in the performing arts. Dance forms can differ from one another solely based on subtly varied hand gestures. Gestures also play a large role in Yoga, because of the various pressure points on and around the palm. Karan Singh Gandhi celebrates this age old art with the Mudra bench. Designed to reflect upon our ever-expressive hands, the Mudra bench is a beautiful wooden art-piece.

The body (made of Baltic birch) almost floats in air, resting atop virtually invisible metal rods. The rods, when noticed, guide the eye back to the wooden structure. Designed with the intent to inspire a meditative spirit, the Mudra bench itself looks like a symbol of nirvana!

Designer: Karan Singh Gandhi