GekkoPod – The Most Impressive Device Mount Is Alive

A while ago we spoke about the GekkoPod, right here on Yanko Design. This extremely smart mount is now live and EXCLUSIVELY available at CKIE (no where else!). The beauty about this lil guy is that it grips on to your device (phone, camera, GoPro etc.) and at the same time steadies it as a mount.

The GekkoPod advantage is that it allows you to take pictures from tricky angles that were earlier impossible. Constructed from metal and silicone, the flexible design allows you to fashion the ‘legs’ in many creative ways.

We asked the designer Boaz, to give us some insights into its design process and this is what he said, “I am a photography enthusiast, I have owned many types of tripods and mounts for my cameras and smartphones, but none of them gave me the flexibility that I was searching for. My mini tripods are bulky and difficult to set up, and none of them were portable enough to take with me when I was out traveling or hanging out with friends. I was frustrated that I never had the right one with me when I needed it.”

With GekkoPod being the lightest and the most versatile mount available today, the design is biomimicry at its best. Perch it on a rock, or a tree, or hook it on to a stick and take awesome selfies – the GekkoPod can handle just about any environment.

Available: CKIE [ Buy it Here ]