A Smarter Street Light


The HOM solar street light is particularly attractive for installations in strategic public areas of the city. Not only does it provide illumination, but the structure also serves as an innovative way to promote products or services, creating a different way to communicate and capture the attention of people on the street

The light source is located a standard 4.5 meters above the ground to maximize illumination of the surrounding area while reducing associated light pollution. The photovoltaic solar module uses a 1.3 square meter receptor panel fixed to an inclined structure at the top of the streetlight. It generates 165Wp-190Wp of power. The system works on 24 V direct current (DC) and is monitored through a programmable regulator which uses an internal algorithm based on sunrise and sunset times throughout the year to optimize lighting periods at full or half power as needed.

The energy generated during the daylight hours is accumulated in a set of two gel batteries for a total capacity of 230 Ah. The batteries are located in the base of the streetlight and used when natural light is weak or absent. This autonomous lighting system makes it unnecessary to dig large trenches to connect the streetlight to an electric grid. It also makes it possible to provide lighting in isolated areas, which don’t have access to an electrical grid

Designer: SIARQ Solar Advanced Design