3D Printed Phalanges!


As advanced as 3D printing has become, we still imagine the results as being rudimentary. The Printed Prehensile is an exploration into complex 3D printing capability and attempts to register similar characteristics with the human appendage. Prehensile offers the user both an elegant, familiar form with hardy, easy-to-incorporate materials to make the hand not only normal to the eye, but attractive.

Emulating the 27 bones of the hand, the internal rigging consists of various thicknesses of aluminium tubing and coiled springs. The core elastic driver behind the flexor and extensor movement is Nylon. Each digit requires two cords, which provides an option to flex or extend the fingers they’re rigged to.

All ABS plastic components are printed and individually assembled either as a snap-fit onto various joints, or fasted down with stainless steel cap screws. All steel and aluminium components come in the assembly kit along with the printing file.

Designer: Fraser Leid