In Safe Waters

Cars are supposed to be watertight hence self-rescuing in the case of a car-water-drowning situation can get sticky. The “Self Rescuer” is a self-rescuer specially designed for this situation. It has three functions: cutting seat belt, breaking windows with pneumatic hammer, and extinguish fire with CO2. Simply deploy the window breaking mechanism and save yourself!

The core component of ‘Self rescuer’ is the embedded storage tank that is filled with liquid CO2. As we know from physics knowledge, if we press CO2 gas with a 7M Pa pressure at normal temperature, we will get CO2 liquid; While if we release the relief valve that is equipped to the storage tank, the CO2 liquid will expand enormously to a high-speed airflow. That’s how the air hammer works. In the meanwhile, the ambient temperature will decrease remarkably as the CO2 liquid vaporizes to gas. And considering the fire retarding effect of CO2, Self Rescue Kit can put out a fire efficiently.

The Self Rescuer is a 2014 Red Dot Awards: Design Concept winner.

Designers: Cheng Peng Cai, Tiandong Ding Lu & Liu Linqing for Shenzhen UP industrial design Co.,Ltd & Hypersynes