A New-Fashioned Harley

Somewhere between classic and contemporary, heritage and novelty, this Harley Davidson concept is giving us retro-futuristic realness! Its single beam headlight and rear fender wheel cover harken to days past while its extreme sloped seat and aerodynamic shell look to tomorrow. Wild confusion or schizophrenic genius?

Designer: Alex Padwa & Davidi Gilad


  • Confused!! says:

    Love it but it needs a major redesign… There’s no range of motion in the steering wheel…. Unless its meant to be run in a Salt Flats kinda situation… And considering that i myself am no mechanical engineer it clearly needs one to take a look at it for other faults too…
    Come on guys a little collaboration goes a long way…

  • Jeff says:

    Cool looking concept vehicle, but as the other comment mentioned, it lacks a lot of functionality. Just from looking at it, I know I’d never want to sit on that seat, for fear of damaging my ‘sensitive bits.’ lack of a front fender means I’d be throwing road grime all over my bike. Ditto for the bobber-style rear fender. I’d be covered with dirt by the time I got down my block. I also don’t think the semi-exposed heat sink on one side of the bike would be enough to cool the engine, making this an extremely hot ride. I also think Star motorcycles would take umbrage at Harley stealing their logo.

    As a museum-grade concept piece – awesome. As something that people might ever want to ride…let’s take another look. Really cool work, though. Keep it up!

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