A Winning Row Boat

Noble like a yacht, light as a feather and aerodynamic like an arrow, the minimalist Neptune single scull rowing boat designed for beginners as well as professionals. A carbon fiber double hull makes it absolutely unsinkable while giving it serious style that will intimidate the competition.

Designer: Daniel Bucher


  • Katie Lorenzo says:

    Does anyone know this designer? How can I get in touch with him?

  • Daniel Bucher says:

    Hi Katie,

    Yes, I know him… 😉
    You can reach me by e-mail: bucher.daniel [at] gmx [dot] ch

    Best regards from Switzerland

    Daniel Bucher

  • Daniel Bucher says:

    Hi Neil,

    Thank you for your e-mail and your compliments.

    Actually, I designed this unique rowing boat just for my own use, because I couldn’t find any recreational rowing boat on the market that I optically liked. But yes, there are now first plans to produce the Neptune rowing boat in a small series. I just spoke to a professional boat builder here in Switzerland who is specialized in carbon fiber. Nevertheless, I want to keep the series intentionally small to emphasize its uniqueness.

    Because the boat is to be made in Swiss precision work by hand, it will also be placed in a premium price class. Already the molds for the carbon fiber double hull will cost a little fortune… First rough estimates revealed, that a one-off production will cost around CHF 20,000 and more. I’m aware that this is a lot of money, but on the other hand you get a worldwide unique rowing boat. Should you yet be interested in it, just let me know.

    Because I’m a private person and not (yet) a professional designer, I don’t have an own design website. But as you suspected correctly, I designed also other things like a one-legged chair (presented to the renowned Design House Stockholm), park benches combined from concrete and wood, shipping container buildings, a wrong way driver safety barrier, a luxury paddleboat, a hot rod etc.

    Though, the Neptune rowing boat is my first design concept who is presented to the general public, but I’m sure that further designs will follow… I’m very proud about all the positive feedbacks I got.

    I wish you all the best and would be pleased to hear again from you. Whether as a result of interest in my boat, or simply out of curiosity.

    Daniel Bucher

  • Hello everybody

    This weekend I presented my redesigned Neptune Rowboats at the Swiss championship in rowing for the first time to the public.

    Information about the Neptune Rowboats can now be found in detail on my new website: http://www.neptunerowboats.com

    I would be pleased to welcome you on my website.

    Best regards from Switzerland.

    Daniel Bucher

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