A Different Side of Ford Motors

The latest from Ford Motor Company isn’t what you might expect from the acclaimed automaker! Ford’s global design studios created some non-automotive objects for display at the 2015 Salone del Mobile. Among these is a minimal suspended light that follows the principles behind the Ford GT’s interior design. Hit the jump to see the brilliant result —>

Fit for purpose: The design of this suspended light uses a minimal amount of components. The hanging object’s planar surfaces twist to impart a 3D shape and volume – with no added mass.

Lean and lightweight: All parts of the light are made from aluminum – a material that is light in weight yet strong. The thin panels are layered to reduce weight and minimize the use of material. The objects is suspended by thin wires so that it appears to float in the air.

Perceived efficiency: The two linear LED rope lights are energy-efficient and emit bright illumination. The LEDs project motion – like headlights on a race car accelerating down the track.

Designer: Ford