The Greenhouse Just Got Smarter

An intelligent twist in a trend of urban microclimate gardens, the SmartGreenHouse helps users exercise their green thumb with almost any type of plant, herb, flower, fruit or veggie. This is made possible by a highly customizable climate control system that can be fine tuned in regards to temperature, light, and water as well as air and soil humidity. A synced smartphone app also guides users in not only the initial parameters for the green of their choice, but also long term maintenance.

Designer: Massimo Battaglia


  • I have seen artificial climate control system ever,the plants are small,looks don’t very lively.

    Does this one correct this defect?

  • oh my god.very good

  • We are working for three years to ensure that our system can work around this problem.
    Thanks to our careful research and analysis, and especially with the help of experts in the field, we managed to find formulas for the creation of any climate. The frequencies of the light, the nutrients of the soil, the drip irrigation.. all factors that we can control in a precise way and makes as close as possible to reality. Many important news about our project have not yet been revealed.. be patient 🙂

  • Jeśli zarobiłeś 7 tysięcy funtów, to angielski urząd skarbowy z każdej
    pensji pobrał zaliczkę na poczet podatku rocznego.

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