Streamlined Beemer Bike

The BMW Apollo Streamliner’s wild full-fairing front half can only mean one thing: … speed. Designed to test its legs for the Salt Lake speed record, the Motorrad’s unorthodox shape is ideal for deflecting high speed wind away from the rider while in a standard tucked position. Handsomely decked out in BMW’s signature silver steel and leather, its flashy enough… but overall, it’s better suited for straight lines than Main Street.

Designer: Mehmet Doruk Erdem


  • mif991 says:

    Designed only for speed and straight line use…then what is the goal for its existence? To break the speed record or just to look great in a straight line?
    It looks awesome for sure…

  • nic says:

    Interesting styling exercise,
    but a BMW concept motorcycle
    simply CANNOT have a V-twin engine
    (BOXER layout is BMW’s ICON!)

  • I think designed only for straight line use

  • Linton says:

    MR Erdem you design one HECK of a Crotch Rocket . This crotch cart should be made for street. This is the best bike I have seen in one heck of long time. Sharp . You build them, they will come . Just Bad to Bone !!!!

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