Recycle Your Run

Wild in both function and aesthetic, Enko is a revolutionary running shoe which, with its two shock absorbers, conserves all the energy stored in each stride. With a normal shoe, when your foot touches the ground, the energy is completely lost. In contrast, Enko stores up the energy and redelivers it when you lift your heel off the ground again to make your running extremely efficient.

Designer: Mathieu Pesme


  • Velcro says:

    done before. boing boing.

  • Latouffe says:

    Science anyone ?
    A shock absorber is meant to dissipate the energy … so it does not come back.
    For your idea, you just need springs WITHOUT shock absorbers !
    BUT : Done before. boing boing.
    And was not a success … looks good, but totally useless and inefficient.

  • mat says:

    this thinking is probably fitted for Heelstrikers, which is scientifically known for being unefficient running form.
    how about a system for mid-sole runners

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