DIY Matter Maker

The Alchemist Matter kit teaches you how to create DIY matter through physicochemical phenomena. Mind blown? In a nutshell… it’s a cleverly designed for kids, teaching them to experiment with components that look similar to the naked eye but react differently—the same way that alchemists, the ancestors of chemists, did! It’s the first steps for basic chemistry presented in a fun, hands-on, educational way! See how it works….

This educational toolkit is composed of three modular test-tube racks, with containers filled with different raw materials, and a manual that guides you though a gradual learning process. Once you have used the raw material samples, you can easily refill the containers with the same or different raw materials, as suggested in the instruction manual. The raw material samples come from products generally used around the home.  All the sample materials are easy to find and innocuous. They are both fundamental principles of this product. They must not be placed in the mouth, and for that reason the activities require the supervision of an adult.

Designer: Laurence Humier