Remote Baby Bonding

Parents of preemies can find themselves at home worrying in the first days or weeks following the birth & miss out on building a physical/emotional connection. Baboo is a baby bonding system that creates a connection between the hospital incubator & the home, immersing new parents in the newborn’s progress as much as possible. It gives real-time information (awake, asleep, activity, weight, etc.) presented in a calming way to decrease feelings of stress, guilt & worry. Over time parents will notice these changes & establish a sense of pride for their little fighter!

Baboo is one of the first designs to use data visualizations in a 3 dimensional object rather than on a screen. When baby is active, Baboo mimics by moving its own limbs. When baby is awake, it also “awakens” with a gentle light. The weight of the baby is symbolized in the depth of Baboo’s movements

Designer: Kimmy Ansems