Sammy Baby Gets Bamboo

Few and far between we come across Samsung concepts and today we look into the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The basic design replaces cheap plastic with sustainable Bamboo Material along with premium Ceramic. As far as the tech goes, it includes latest apps like heart rate monitor, UV Sensor and more.

Designer: Vishal Bhanushali

[youtube: 600 451]


  • phillip says:

    i like the idea of bamboo back sides for Samsung note 4… i’ll buy one if one like that comes out… 🙂

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  • It is very nice. From your pre-info of iPhone6, I like it. It is really awesome, smart design and high class functionality.

  • Ricky Atherton says:

    Really nice article regarding Bamboo materials. Smartphone designing by bamboo definitely something unique and rare. This is also looking very nice. Samsung galaxy Note 4 with bamboo cover is looking really special. Bamboo watches are also very attractive to watch and I have experienced the same. Thanks for sharing this post.

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