Chic Backyard Sanctuaries

The M-Velope is one in a series of functional art structures designed to function as retreats in which to escape from the norm. Varying in size & shape, they’re made mostly of sustainable grown wood colored with environmentally friendly stains or paints. In every case, the design of the M-Velopes are generated from simpler forms that are subdivided, hinged together, & folded in or out of the original form in order to create unexpected transformations. As cool as they are on the outside, they’re even cozier inside! Take a peak —>

The one shown here is approximately twelve feet tall, twelve feet wide, & twenty feet long. The basic structure can be made larger, and/or the space inside can be increased by joining units together. The slotted panels, support frame, floor, and ramps all break down for shipping and can be reassembled almost anywhere with little or no foundation, depending on the site specific requirements.

Designer: Michael Jantzen