The Pixelpoint Pleasure

Creative people who love sketching can rejoice as Adonit bring us a brand new stylus: the Jot Touch with Pixelpoint. It is essentially a new stylus that combines a discless fine point tip with features like pressure sensitivity and shortcut buttons. Recommended for digital artists, the biggest advantage is its fine point tip.

As we all know Adonit recently partnered with Adobe, so this stylus is also the first third-party stylus that’s Creative Cloud connected. This is quite a feather in their cap and an industry first too.

  • Basically you will be able to access your files saved on your Creative Cloud, copy and paste between devices and take advantage of Adobe’s color palette utility, Kuler.
  • The Pixelpoint technology has allowed Adonit to create an incredibly precise, uncommonly small fine point tip.
  • When paired with a Jot-Ready App on any Bluetooth 4 iOS device, the Jot Touch with Pixelpoint offers pressure sensitivity and shortcut buttons that put key features within easy reach.

Designer: Adonit [ Buy it Here ]