Road Safety Light

The Flexi-Safety Light features a flexible form that makes it adaptable in a construction environment. Intended for areas where roadwork is being carried out, the lights can be synchronized to flash, strobe, or flash in a linear sequence. This function is especially helpful in diverging traffic as well as forewarning drivers of the upcoming hazards.

The design uses flexible OLED panels and includes energy and weight efficiency. The light includes a urethane skin surrounding the OLED panels, which allows the light to bend and flex.

Key points:

  • Flexi-Safety Light can be fitted to a wide range of road barriers, signs, and urban fixtures.
  • The interlocking lights use a magnetic keyed system.
  • Steel cables, which loop through the urethane core, enhance security.
  • The interface provides on going information about batteries and lights in operation via GPS technology.
  • A single light measures 75mm wide, 55mm deep, and 300mm high.
  • Convenient packaging allows for six lights to be docked while the storage case can be connected for charging.

The Flexi-Safety Light is a 2013 Red Dot Award: Design Concept winner.

Designer: David Gatfield