Dual Hearing – Speaker and Earbuds!

The Dual-Mode Headphone is a Bluetooth headset that can be used in two ways: as an embedded speaker and as earbuds. The design for embedded speakers stems from the need of folks who are outdoorsy and who like to listen to music while doing their things. For example, when you cycle, jog or hike headphones shut out external sounds and can be dangerous. The embedded speaker in Dual-Mode Headphone lets you to listen to your favorite songs in the ‘open air’, without shutting out external noises.

In crowded places the ear buds work the best. They attach magnetically to the sides of the headphone set.

How it works:

  • To make the music play simply tap the front part.
  • Tapping again turns it off.
  • Swiping the side backwards turns the up the music volume, and swiping forward turns it down.

Designers: Yeom Ilsoo, Choi Eunji & Lee Nari for LG Electronics Inc.