Can’t Steal This Bike

Leglock is a very clever way of ensuring that no one steals your bicycle. It offers swift bicycle parking with its integrated stand-and-lock design. The thing is that you can lock the cycle in just one step: simply turn the stand down and set the integrated number lock.

  • The stand arcs down from its stowed position, unlike typical kickstands that rotate parallel to the wheel.
  • It stays upright during riding due to the angle at which it is mounted and the internal three-teeth gear mechanism.

Designer: Anurag Sarda


  • Adriano Farina says:

    What is keeping a potential thief from unscrewing the whole thing off?

  • Mario says:

    Or just carrying it off, Maybe even roll it on The front wheel. Or use The whole bike as à lever to break The lock part

  • Lee Hyde says:

    Thankfully thieves are notorious for a) being to lazy to carry a bicycle away or load it into a truck, and b) their inability and unwillingness to opperate spanners or torque wrenches (even the automated kind). Otherwise this innovation would be useless.

  • Lawrence says:

    With the long lever are provided, I can just bend it with my hand.

  • omtinez says:

    Or just unscrew it with some pliers… Totally useless

  • rishabh says:

    nice idea..
    all above stated possibilities are there but i would still say Nice idea 🙂

  • grr says:

    hmmm… If a thief (or unwitting friend) tries to use this bike and the stand comes into action your wheel and spokes are ruined, thats if its a dumb thief, a clever one would just take your bike without riding it and unscrew the lock in a safe place.

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