The blanky for when things gets shaky!

Living in Los Angeles’s recently active earthquake alley, my neighbors and I are interested in products like the Second Skin blanket more now than ever! This emergency protection blanket was designed for immediate use after a devastating quake. Both a temporary shelter and a stretcher, it makes it easier for untrained volunteers to assist in rescue efforts. It’s also brightly colored so those in need are easy to spot amidst the rubble.

Due to the sudden nature of quakes, the responsibility for the initial immediate rescues tends to land on bystanders from the vicinity who emerge as volunteers. These instant rescuers have no prior training and limited (or no) equipment. The product can be used by someone with no experience in aiding others. It also lightens the workload of emergency service personnel in the initial stages after a quake, and can help survival rates.

The material properties of Second Skin allow it to perform multiple functions. Poron XRD high-impact foam, which is usually used in sporting equipment, gives Second Skin the unique ability to shield the user from small pieces of debris during aftershocks while also providing a level of comfort. With the addition of Autex acoustic panelling (designed to dampen acoustic noise in large open spaces), Second Skin remains lightweight but rigid, and able to support the internal structure as well as the built-in stretcher.

Designer: Nick Dephoff