Level Heading Stretcher

Skiing, trekking, rock climbing and all the similar thrills that the mountains provide also come with the high risk of accidents. The rescue operations of such victims demand specialized equipments that can tackle the unique challenges posed by a mountainous terrain. The Seesaw stretcher is a smart yet simple solution that seems to have the agility to adopt to such demanding conditions.

The bed of the Seesaw stretcher is fixed on two pivots that allows it to swivel. This swivel action helps it to balance the victim’s body in horizontal level even while traversing steep inclinations. Activate a locking mechanism and the stretcher turns into a regular fixed type. I feel that the stretcher can play a role in not just mountain rescue operations but also urban fire rescue scenarios that involves stairs and tall buildings.

Often, the most genial solutions come dressed as simple designs. The Seesaw stretcher is a classic example for that, tilting scales in favor of safer rescue operations.

Designers: Jeon Youngwon & Jeong Eunji