A Desk Jobs’ Would Approve Of

From the maker of the Slate Mobile AirDesk (we’re obsessed with it) comes a big brother version called the SlatePro. It fits any size computer or laptop and has multiple display docks for all your phone or tablet devices too! The air vents provide constant cooling for your laptop and other tech products. Plus, it has a heavy duty mousepad that sits flush against the surface. There’s even a recessed cup holder to avoid any water damage to your devices!

Designer: Nathan Mummert


  • Mike says:

    This is very cool. I’m putting a link to this on our website:

  • You guys are proposing zero handwritten media in the future? Selling short on ink pen manufactures?

    A lap desk to insulate hot electronics from body heat, yes. Not sure there’s the same need for heat dispersion in a standalone work surface.

    I would flip the table if someone drilled holes in the middle of my desk.

  • Tom c says:

    looks nice and all, but why use such a green material like bamboo then cover it with plastic?

  • vivian says:

    I have two monitor on my desk, won’t work with this setting.

  • Eric says:

    Is the world ready to turn the most easily transforming and multipurpose surface like a desk into a Mac Device Holder? I’m not.

  • KKD says:

    The mouse mat would only be usable with a keyboard with no numpad, AND IT’S EMBEDDED IN THE DAMN TABLE. Not to also forget that laptops are using less and less and less power, hence heat, so the holes would be useless in next gen laptops, or that the ergonomics of using a laptop so close to you on a desk are not horrendous. Etc.

  • Rick sputin says:

    I drnk my tea with my left hand.

  • Rick sputin says:

    Just watched the video. A letter from Apple legal might be in order here. 😉

  • Cavan Lee says:

    For me, the concept of “SlatePro was designed to organize you” is a bit wrong. People have their own usage interfaces, it’s the product that has to let the users have the freedom the organize their using interface, in short USER FRIENDLY. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone, iPad dock and the “stick shelf” (I don’t know how to call it) is a nice idea for this design. Anyway, cheers on the effort of doing this.

  • julio says:

    very creative love

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