Precision Machined Minimalism

The Tech Force Pen is a solid housing for the HI-Tec C Ink Cartridge. Extremely popular among architects, artists, students, and designers, the cartridge is noteworthy for its C Ink composition, tip design, and fine line capability. The Tech Force Pen comes with a sleeve etched with metric and imperial ruler indications. The pen glides into the ruler sleeve where it is held in place by pneumatic pressure. When pulled from the ruler sleeve the escaping air makes a characteristic “pop” sound! Vid after the jump!

Designer: Josh Wilson


  • takifugu says:

    Yes, it certainly looks like a knockoff – so what? Let the market make or break them. There are minor variations in design, but enough to differentiate them, like using aluminum instead of stainless steel, a triangular cross section instead of square, the notch at the insertion end. By the way, a triangular cross section makes more sense to anyone used with the engineering or architectural triangular scale rulers.

    Anyhow, the cwandt type-a pen will cost you between $99 and $150, the tech force pen starts at $50. It’s a frickin’ pen, even if it lasts a life time, I don’t think it’s worth it. Do you think Pilot will keep making the hi-tec c refill 20 years from now?

    You can get a copic multiliner sp for $9.95 – it has an aluminum body, it’s refillable and the nib can be replaced – and invest the money you saved in your retirement account.

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