Sixth Sense Motorcycle

The renowned Royal Enfield brand usually conjures thoughts of cafe racer, bullet-style bikes with retro aesthetics. Ditch what you know because the Royal Enfield Pioneer is anything but! Its futuristic styling unapologetically retains NONE of the Enfield’s classic styling… regardless, it’s a fresh look at the evolution of the e-motorcycle. Designed for new riders, its self-balancing system/autonomous riding mode give it a sort of “sixth sense” that helps train newbies and hone experienced rider’s skills.

Designer: Daniel Lars Gunnarsson


  • Jan Erlandsen says:

    Uncomfortable! What is the turning radius for this thing? What is the point of the tilting function? This makes me wonder if the designer has ever ridden a motorcycle…

  • no says:

    mega nonsens, centrifugal force acts as a counterweight, if this man ever ride on a motorcycle?

  • brum brum says:

    so made the wheels can be very dangerous in sharp bends when the hooks so “designed” rim, saddle for a maximum of 10 minutes’ drive? cool design but totally uncomfortable = a total misunderstanding rather than design

  • Alaor says:

    Understanding motorcycles:


  • Olaf says:

    Interesting: All the motorcycle-related articles I remember here have received a rather negative feedback. And I too have to ask: Has the designer of this ever been riding a motorcycle? I doubt that he would do so for long on this one.

    He would however not design something like this again, had he tried at least one longer ride.

  • Hi everyone!

    Daniel, the designer of the concept here!

    I like the attention, the good and the bad!=)

    I work as an automotive designer in Sweden. The idea behind this concept started during my internship at BMW motorcycles design studio. In the studio we always talked about the EVOLUTION of the motorcycle, what is the next big thing(s)?, what kind of an motorcycle and technology will attract next generation motorcycle riders?

    Researching showed that why people(generally) don´t ride motorcycles is the big question about safety. They feel unsafe due to the fact that you actually sitting on an engine with two wheels, it doesn’t have the safety comfort of a car(roof, crash zones, airbags etc.). Next thing, riding a motorcycle is something special, you use your body, balance, not your hands, like in a car=) And the learning curve, it is a bigger step to ride a motorcycle than learn to drive a car. it is a lot more to this, but these are some examples.

    So i started the project with, WHAT IF?

    What if i could just jump on the bike and ride?
    What if the motorcycle could foresee the car around the next curve and brake for me, instead of me locking the wheels in panic.
    What if the motorcycle could shorten my learning curve.

    This is what i mean with a sixth sense.

    The rest of the bike is nothing new, just technology borrowed from now and ten years ahead and put together in a new way. Electric engine that pumps air in to two hydraulic hub engines, 3d printed graphene reinforced rubber frame that changes form, rigidity and density by shifting air pressure in air pockets(stole that technology from festo robotics hihi) and balancing technology like in a segway.

    Nothing new, you find all of this stuff on any tech show out here.

    This is for me as a total two wheeler fanatic, my own little pervert idea of the next generation motorcycle.=)

    And before you write “mega nonsens”, you can have a functioning 3d printed heart soon got dammit, broaden your mind!

    To answer some other questions:

    Have i ever ridden a motorcycle? Yes.
    Have i ever seen a motorcycle? Yes.
    Do i own a motorcycle? Yes.

    Visit my behance website, i have some motorcycles with petrol engines and wide leather seats there to=)

  • EDGAR QUILES says:

    Hey Daniel, my name is Edgar I´m an Automotive Designer, great design. Seem that no one here understand what a CONCEPT is. Lets say is something you would like to exist, yep just like the talent of Daniel that you would like to have.

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