Skye – One Innovation, Endless Possibilities

I have yet to come across a person who has not been impacted by the power of music. It can take you up and make you reach for the stars! The Auris skye is WiFi music receiver for your music dock designed to soundtrack your life. It plays your favorite tunes from your iPhone Android, Windows Phone or iTunes via AirPlay and DLNA. Love the sound of it!

The good thing about the skye is that it uses wireless technology that allows you to stream and control your favorite tunes from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone or iTunes (Mac or PC) in your WiFi network with AirPlay and DLNA support. It intuitively fits onto your 30-pin docking station. What this means is that you can move around your space more easily and groove with your music at the same time. You have the max control to your library in an instant.

I can picture me using this arrangement not only on a daily basis but also on special occasions. Hosting a do on the deck, poolside or even an intimate gathering by the fireplace can be pepped up thanks to this innovative music streamer.

As Auris puts it, setting your music free has never been easier. The setup of the system is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require rocket science. Simply connect skye to the WiFi network and follow the straightforward instructions on the skye control app. Once all is done, you can instantly start listening to your favorite tunes. What’s more, the device uses the power supply of the docking station and is hassle free to maintain.

Multi room streaming is another big advantage and if you have more than one music dock, with Airplay or DLNA support, skye allows you to wirelessly move with your music from room to room, streaming music to multiple docks one at a time. I’d probably end up listening to my favorite channels on Pandora, Spotify or Rdio; what will you listen to?

Designer: Auris [ Buy it Here ]