The Growing Bed

The Growth Crib is one ingenious design that embodies sustainability and innovation. It features a construction where the base of the bed can expand and keep ‘growing’ as the baby grows. Once the baby outgrows the safety rails, you can remove and use them as a trendy rack. So many constructive elements within it, no wonder it was a 2012 IDEA Awards winner!

Designers: Shang Zhi, Qi Qiu & Surong Sun


  • Trae says:

    This is pretty awesome design. Two issues need to be ironed out. 1) The mattress needs to rise and fall as the child gets older. 2) Crib appears to not use a standard mattress size.

    Outside of that, bravo!

  • ponmalar says:

    i love the sites. very much

  • Mario says:

    So how does the mattress grow? This seems to be lacking some vital thought. Also an infant would be quite lost in a bed the width of an adult.

    This problem needs solving. But this design is not the solution

  • jgz says:

    It is quite stupid to say that this crap is sustainable… Because is made of timber? or cos its shape change perhaps?, that doesn’t make a product sustainable….who will produce this? chinese slaves like those who produce iphones… More awful crap arguing to be sustainable! shame on you Yanko Design!
    We need more designers and less shape stylist!

  • Andy KAO says:

    From business point of view, nobody would use the same bed since he/she was born.

  • Amy Smith says:

    The idea is great. But I agree with the rest of the readers that some details needs ironing and refinement.

  • Baby Names says:

    amazing desin, i wish my parents had one of these sweeties when i was little 🙂

  • Dreamly says:

    This crib is amazing! I love how it adapts to the child’s age and needs. Thank you for sharing a highly detailed post on it.

  • Wanda says:

    That’s a great idea. Wish there had been something like that when my son was little. Nice share.

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