Gecko Feet On Your Phone

The SETA is a universal smartphone stand that uses NanoSuction™ pads to keep your phone securely attached to the stand. The pads aren’t tacky or sticky so it’s similar to existing products on the market. The SETA however looks to be better engineered and designed, that is if we can help it reach its Kickstarter funding goals. Hit the jump for more information!

  • Materials- aircraft grade aluminum + NanoSuction™ pads
  • NanoSuction™- grips the phone and grips the surface but is not sticky to the touch
  • Universal- works with all smartphones and most hard cases. Extra SETA pad is included to work with silicone or textured cases
  • Total Cord Management- the patent pending T-Channel is compatible with all OEM smartphone charging cables
  • Timeless Design- works with yesterdays, todays and tomorrows smartphones and cords
  • Made In The USA- developed and made in Tulsa, Oklahoma

SETA incorporates NanoSuction™ technology that synthetically emulates the adhesive qualities of gecko feet. Your phone magically clings to the NanoSuction™ SETA pad while another pad on the base secures the stand to most flat, non-porous surfaces. To clean, just wipe the surfaces with a damn paper towel. In our testing, we found the pads never to lose their gecko-magic but they do tend to attract dust particles very easily. The aluminum stand feels quite substantial and solid in hand. Love the little notch to string your charging cable through! Although most of the photos show an iPhone, we did confirm it works just as well with our Sony Xperia and Samsung S4. The only caveat are for those with irregular shaped cases but I’m sure if you go around with a giant Helly Kitty head on the back of your phone, you probably wouldn’t be looking to invest in something like this anyways. Get it!

Designer: George Bashaw + 1.0 Innovations LLC, Kickstarter



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