Water Filter Too Beautiful To Hide

The Soma is by far the most beautiful water filter to date. The pitcher looks more like a carafe which in my mind is more inviting to drink from, not to mention the minimalist design makes it perfect to leave out on the counter. The Soma addresses a number of issues I have with other filters. It’s made of glass. There’s no flap on the lid to easily break off and the filtration system is made of coconut shells, silk, and PLA plastic.

If there’s a question on whether or not this is as effective as carbon, the filter was designed by David Beeman, THE man when it comes to filtering water. With 30 years experience in the industry, he’s created filtration systems for Starbucks, Peets and other global brands.

The company claims water actually tastes more crisp compared to traditional carbon filters. We haven’t tried it ourselves since it’s a Kickstarter project but with 9 days left, there’s still plenty of time to get you hands on one for less than what it will probably cost retail.

Designer: Soma