Wireless Inductive Ironing

If you’ve ever had that freak out moment when you can’t remember if you left the iron on then you’ll appreciate this cordless high-tech design. The Smooth Inductor is an energy-saving iron that utilizes a ferromagnetic sole plate system that only heats when in contact with the included induction board. The semitransparent body offers a clear view of the plate and the fact that it’s wireless means it’s free of a cumbersome electric cord.

Designer: Kristine Erdmann


  • Feniks says:

    Wonderful, add in a magnetic field with the possibility of regulating the pressure.

  • Ray says:

    How do you stand the iron up when you are rearranging your clothes or whatnot? Just because it won’t heat when the board is turned off or the iron is off the board doesn’t mean that the metal doesn’t stay hot after. Also doesn’t fix the did I leave the iron on moments you could still accidentally leave your iron face down on the board.

    Given the price of induction cooking this would be the most expensive iron you’ll ever buy. On the plus side, you’ll be able to use the board to boil water/cook. Also on the plus side, you’ll be able to use a spritz bottle and any old iron pot to iron if you lose your iron.

  • brianna says:

    That’s kool cuz it makes it easyer 2 use and u can travel with it

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