Flat Out Electronics

Modern technology enables us to make some incredibly thin products, still big on features with a natural inclination towards minimalism. That’s the idea behind a series of products called Flatronics by designer Glen Liberman. The first group of products called Peg is inspired by the simple idea of tools hung on a nail peg. The second group of products called Silhouette is inspired by the striking outlines of an object, distilled to its most simplest and iconic form.

Designer: Glen Liberman


  • Flatlight – A keychain sized flashlight.
  • Flatsound – Inspired by a wall of records, the concentric rings of vinyl give this very simple speaker its form.
  • Flattime – The pendulum of a classic grandfather clock serves as inspiration to be the clock itself.


  • Flatlight – A traditional round flashlight squished and flattened to mimic its most basic outlines.
  • Flatsound – A boombox is surprisingly devoid of almost any form other than a few lines.
  • Flattime – An altimeter inspires a very simple clock when you only look at its outlines.