Subscription Undies

I’ve been trying out this new service called MeUndies – a subscription based underwear delivery service. Let’s just assume you change your undies at least once a day. So unless you have 30+ pairs or constantly do laundry or supplement with a few days going commando (kinky), then you’re gonna need some more undies. Although the service does allow you to buy a la carte, you get 20% off per pair by subscribing. That’s $16 a month to get one pair of undies tailored to your style/color preferences shipped direct. But are they any good? Hit the jump.

Okay first some transparency. I am currently working on my own underwear for my clothing line so I’ve done a lot of research (totally legit research) on what makes a great pair of undies – at least for men. I also have a degree in fashion design so I’m very familiar with garment construction. So when MeUndies sent me a pair, they were unaware that I would probably be more critical than the average user. A little about me. I prefer boxer briefs. I’ll rock a pair of tighty briefs every now and then but for the most part the foundation of my uniform starts with boxer briefs.

Lets start with the good things. It’s made of micromodal fabric which is amazing for undergarments. There’s a lot of stretch with memory. No more saggy bottoms and depending on which research paper you read, modal has anti-bacterial properties. The construction is on par if not superior to other high-end brands like Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, and 2xist. The feel is super soft and thin -thinner than what cotton feels like. So if you’re the kind of guy who wants to feel secure from wearing nothing at all – then you’ll love these. They wash up beautifully. No pilling or color fading. They stretch out a tad during use but after a go inthe washing machine – they return to their normal fit. I can say even after 17 washes (yes I counted), they remain as snug as new.

Now on to the bad. I hate the waistband. Let me back up. I hate all these thick elastic waistbands. Conventional wisdom will incorrectly tell you it’s for proper structure and support, but in reality it’s just the accepted norm for men’s underwear and acts as an opportunity for branding. I mean, where else are you gonna slap on a label. That leads me to  my next issue. The label bugs, like REALLY bugs. Woven, stitched and in some cases glued on labels need to be banished from undergarments. Stick with sublimation or heat stamping. No matter how soft or well integrated a woven label is, it will wear out over time, the edges will fray and you’ll be driven to just tear it out.

So would I recommend this? Yes. Because micromodal really is superior to cotton for undergarments. It’s softer, breathable, has better color fastness, and retains its stretch memory. MeUndies is unique in that they’re really pushing a service which in my opinion is worth it. You get the fit you want, in the style you want, in the colors you want. It saves you a trip and trust me, men and women alike enjoy the feeling of a fresh pair of undies every time. Call it monthly foundational rejuvenation. It can make your day that much better.

  • MeUndies
  • Available for men and women
  • $20 a la carte or autoship for $16 per month (20% off)

Designer: MeUndies