Harry Potter’s New Broom

The Vacuun Cleaner is an unconventional vacuum cleaner that serenades as a broom. The sweeping and cleaning motions while using this appliance are ditto and make the task much easier than before. The small flexible tubes are designed to vacuum or clean corners where brooms find it difficult to reach. Made up of two parts the vacuum cleaner (broom) and charger (inspired by bucket) work in sync to clean up the house.

The cleaners is made thus: battery (at the bottom), dust deposit in broomstick (where is located the dust storage bag), LCD (indicating battery levels and rate of vacuum), vacuum system (at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner where the fan and electric motor) and the head of the vacuum cleaner (consisting of flexible tubes of polyethylene, which lets in the dust).

As far as production is concerned the components easily disassemble and can be injected in polyethylene. It is made by materials which can be easily recycled

Designer: Patrick Pedrosa