The Koeda Effect

Mixer tap designs are typical and stereotyped and we are basically programmed to use them in a particular way. More like up and down is on and off, and turning the mixer from left to right will change from hot to cold. Not that this is a bad thing, but imagine a redefined shape, a new intuitive adoption of operations…we have done that in the tech world, can we do that in Bathroom Innovations?

As the designer explains, “designed to be unconsciously intuitive, Koeda features a modified progressive cartridge that provides a simplified innate dial control. By rotating the dial in a clockwise motion, water temperature gradually changes from cold to hot. Water pressure flow will progressively increase as the dial is rotated further – ensuring users are less likely to accidentally turn up water flow and waste excess water.”

  • Koeda is handcrafted in porcelain and finished with a flawless glaze.
  • An aerator manages the directional flow of the water and also softens the water’s texture for a silky, gentle wash.
  • A slight bump angled at a 15° incline minimizes excess splashing.
  • An innovative series of six LED lights, efficiently powered by two lithium cells, change from a light sky blue to a warm orange and finally to a dark searing red, indicating the mix of cold and hot water.

Koeda is the 2012 Reece Bathroom Innovation Award student prize winner!

Designer: ShanShan Wang