Forklift Facelift

Focusing on the user experience, the Brachion forklift was designed to make a tough and dangerous job a little easier and safer with enhanced functionality and ergonomics. The design features dual joysticks in place of a steering wheel and pedals, as well as a more open overall design for greater visibility. For added stability and safety, both the machine’s counterweight and cabin can be shifted. A totally electric drive also makes operation quiet and clean.

Designer: Gergő Kassai


  • Matthew says:

    I like the design, probably too pretty for just a forklift but nice anyway.

    There is one detail I think could to be altered for the enhanced functionality and ergonomics and that would be the wheels. A lot modern forklifts don’t use standard directional wheels, instead they favour the omni directional forklift wheels.

    Just at little thing to think of. 🙂

  • michael rada says:

    With over 20 years of experince within logistics environment, i like the design, improved safety, but additionally would like to consider improved safety of other workers around, the afct that fl driver step in and out frequently to make scanning and other issues, and i would like to see forklift as guiding tour including not only internal wh navigation system, but connectivity as well.

    If interested can discuss this issue separately here or on linkedin

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