Beautiful Mess

Though it might seem random, the Mess Lamp is actually a representation of the systematic “chaos” in the complicated geometric shapes of leaves. Starting from the top and moving downward, the “petals” are placed in a system similar to others found in nature, and perfectly camouflage the supporting structure and light source without totally obstructing the glow.

Designer: Vasiliy Butenko


  • Fong says:

    Interesting. If I could get a better look of the frame without the leaves, I could mock one up to be 3d printed.

    Looks like the top and bottom are composed of 5 leaf clusters. Each cluster is a 3-sided flower. Each flower consists of a square center and 4 hexagon petals. The top 5 clusters are just spaced farther apart than the bottom clusters hanging on the end of a trapezoidal pyramid frame.

    This is a great candidate for printing in white polycarbonate off a Fortus machine. It would throw off much more light and not show nearly as much dust.

    If it shows up on Thingiverse, you’ll totally get all the credit Vasiliy Butenko.

  • Nancy says:

    Are any of the lamps for sale and where and what is the price range please. Nancy

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