For a Change It’s HTC!

We have seen very few HTC concepts being dished out, so this HTC Droid Incredible 3 Concept is a refreshing change. It soothes our senses with some strong angles and refined sleek looks. In Cesar’s words, “The story behind my concept is that in this version, the Droid Incredible has grown so powerful thanks to its internal components, such as quad-core processors and 4G LTE connectivity, that the hardware cannot ‘restrain’ this power anymore, hence the ‘broken’ back plate and front panel.”

Typically the Incredible line features controlled, refined curves, but this one edges out the smoothness with a definitive touch.

Designer: Cesar Corral Castilla


  • Grey says:

    Looks nice, not sure about the red corner, but still neat. Looks hard, so HTC Droid Incredible seems fitting. Would like to see more features listed, eg. Body materials?

  • anthony says:

    Are we going to be able to buy this I would love for them to release this on Verizon

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