Mobile Dialysis

Mobilysis is a thoughtful and innovative system that aims to ease the lifestyle of patients by making it possible to cleanse the blood while going about their daily routine rather than spend several hours at the hospital each week. The device attaches to the waist and is compact enough that clothes can fit over it. Controls are at the user’s fingertips through a smartphone app and hard buttons located on the device itself.

Designers: Maria Gartner, Dimitar Genov, Nico Strobl, Stefan Silberfeld


  • The description above compares this device to patients who “spend several hours at the hospital each week”. This isn’t really an accurate comparison, as those patients are undergoing Haemo dialysis, where their blood is passed through an artificial kidney and cleaned directly. This device does portable peritoneal dialysis, where the patient’s own peritoneum is effectively used as an artificial kidney. I do PD now, using a mains powered APD machine to do it while I sleep. This machine does look useful and innovative – although you could argue that regular CAPD does much the same thing in a simpler, unpowered way. I don’t see any info here about the volume of fluid that would be on board at any time. Regular CAPD means putting in around 2 litres, and draining out 2 litres at any one time.

  • Lorraine Parker says:

    Would love to try this

  • Lorraine Parker says:

    Would love to try this x

  • Mohamed Esmail says:

    How can we buy it ?! Can anyone help . We would like to get one of this , we are in Egypt and don’t know where it exists or how can we buy it !!

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