Robots, Drones, & Nukes… Oh My!

Before things get politcal- these are not real-life proposals for modern weapons! They’re the latest artistic concepts from Alp Germaner that might make their way into your favorite video game one day. On second thought, I do wish the chopper was real!

Designer: Alp Germaner


  • mohan vasantharasan says:

    oh my…oh my indeed rather good

  • Jimmy C says:

    Wow. These are awesome! I’d love to be on that first plane. Excellent rendering!

  • Craig says:

    I would love to see these appear in the games I play (assuming they can afford that level of detail). Very nice!

  • Nathan says:

    Also lol. Yeah these look like they’d fare well in viddy games, or a line of G.I. Joe toys. Nice renders.

  • Allanbritto says:

    woww. I love them, great creative concepts. good job

  • MDesigns says:

    Good job. I would have loved to see the concept sketches/thubnails.

  • Joseph Dumary says:

    Alp Germaner is a Don!!! good job!

  • Raj says:

    nice gun! looks like from halo!

  • Challenger says:

    Love all of them,especially the robot,I really like your creative thought and illustration abilities ,they are as well as your 3D works!

  • Reki says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing these in real life. They look useful and fun.

  • Alp says:

    just wanted to thank you all that took the time to view my work. all the comments made my day. Im happy to see people whom i can share my imagination with. Without all of your crits, my work wouldnt have any meaning. thanks again.
    Alp Germaner

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