Less is More

The minimalist (and somewhat perplexing) Less is More timepiece finds harmony between analog and digital; square and circle. The wearer reads the time similar to an analog clock by observing a pair of esoteric LEDs, one large and one small, that revolve around a circular disc in the center of the square face.

Designer: Felix Runde


  • Jimmy C says:

    Not so sure about this one. The lights are too small.

  • Nathan says:

    Simple and beautiful. Tint the glass to cut down on wash-out from ambient light and you have a very nice piece. Slight learning curve for the user in determining which light is hours and which is minutes, but I really like this concept.

  • Alberto says:

    This seems pretty useless to me.

  • kenblue says:

    Less can be beautiful, but

  • steve c. says:

    very nice,elegant slim design. the only thing i would change,is having the name on the watchfront,which detracts (imho) from the minimalist look. having it on the buckle/clasp is enough. and a black or silver leather strap would be a nice addition. nicely sculpted.

  • vigo says:

    wery nice. good job 🙂
    and its possible to buy this watch?

  • I like reading an article that can make people think.
    Also, thank you for permitting me to comment!

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