A Cute Lil’ Space Heater

Inspired by the warm winds that originate in the Mediterranean between Africa and Spain, the Levante 360° fan heater provides efficient multidirectional heat that is pushed outward from the circular vent that surrounds the body. Unlike many conventional designs on the market, the Levante’s protective grille is replaced by an attractive tactile shell that makes it almost unrecognizable as a space heater (as you know, they can be quite an eyesore).

Designers: Stefan Otzelberger & Denis Beyer


  • tardkiller says:

    interesting, but with such small air intake, it will make considerable noise.

  • john doe says:

    wouldnt it be more efficient it cold air went went in from the bottom and came out from the top? (laws of physics… all that stuff)

  • Jimmy C says:

    The shape seems a bit unwieldy.

  • alias says:

    Not really. Hot air goes up, cools and comes back down. The graphics are pretty clear. The hot air heats the room as it goes up. If it were the other way round, you would shoot hot air straight up to the ceiling, as it through an invisible cannon, only to cool and come back down, hence making the heater less efficient, and indeed, useless.

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