Rozetkcus Trilogy Continues

The Rozetkcus trilogy continues with this innovative wall socket iteration. A grid of 9 socket points allow you to configure how you plug in the devices based on the plug shape. Kinda like plug-art! Is it a clever solution to the multi-tap? Maybe…what do you think?

Designer: Art Lebedev Studio


  • dShepherd says:

    1st: It has excellent shape! 🙂
    2nd: good idea 😀
    3rd: why 9? each plug needs 2 socket points, so 1 socket will never be plugged, more likely a line one (if 4 is neutral and 5 is line) why not 12?

  • digi_owl says:

    No ground…

  • ARNAUD says:

    pure genius. simple. efficient. effective.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Sigh… I wish someone would come up with something for American plugs…

  • Temikus says:

    It’s a russian studio. In Russia – there is no ground in standard sockets.

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