Shopping Assistant for the Blind

The See assistive technology concept aims to alleviate some of the difficulties in the process of product consumption that affect so many people with visual impairments. The ingenious bracelet-to-headphone system allows the user to scan bar-codes directly from their wrist and receive real-time audio information about the product at hand. Using the tool, visually impaired users can now compare prices of similar items, understand technical data, and easily find the desired color of a product they are seeking.

Designer: Dinard José da Mata Filho


  • Kevin Siega says:

    Very cool this design!

    I already knew this excellent designer!

    for those who do not know it’s worth seeing their work.

  • Sirakova says:

    This concept as well as very cool will provide autonomy to the visually impaired
    Nice concept

  • Andrea micarelle says:

    molto bello
    aiutare molte persone con disabilità

  • Mohammed Said says:

    Great concept!

  • Maurice suilhard says:

    idée cool
    excellent produit

  • Grigorov says:

    really the work of this designer is amazing

  • Salardi says:


  • Salardi says:

    Awesome concept bro! +

  • Yoshiro Sawada says:


  • Karin says:


  • Süyümbike says:

    Excelent! wish there was something like this around…

  • Helena says:


  • Dr.Zoidberg says:

    So if (s)he’s BLIND…. how the hell is (s)he supposed to find the barcode? Good idea overall but lacks Logic 🙂

  • Jimmy C says:

    @Dr.Zoidberg: By moving the bot around until the barccode is found, genius.

    Great design. I’m hoping, though, there is some way to keep the earbuds attached to the wristband?

  • product tank says:

    Its a nice concept… but if you are blind, why would you want to walk around with ear buds in, reducing/blocking your sense of hearing that you rely on to help you navigate. It would be far better to have a speaker in the wrist band – there are already watches that work in this way for the blind. You then wouldn’t need the earbuds, which could be easily lost in this concept, rendering it useless. Also the power button should be recessed to prevent accidentally turning it on or off. There is no distinguishing feature to help a blind person know where the scanner is. On you wrist the scanner could be in any position (pointing at you)and you wouldn’t know. With a watch you can feel the difference between the face and the arms and orient the watch accordingly, this concept would benefit from this. Also no material as shiny as the rendering, can lay flat as shown, then be rolled up without creasing/wrinkling. Its a shame a simple model of this wasn’t made and road tested before producing pretty renderings – the designer would have learnt a lot and this would have influenced the design.

  • Albert Llort says:

    Good concept, and good idea for this to be a wrist band! I also think that it should be a speaker in the band itself, instead of the ear phone! Go ahead and good luck!

  • Hunter says:

    … or you could just ask an sales associate.
    As an employee of a retail business, I assure you that this is the easiest.

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