Get Real with the iPhone 4S

I love me a wild iPhone concept as much as the next fanboy, but few challenge the true, obvious setbacks of the current devices. Designer Enrico Penello’s iPhone 4S concept tackles some of the existing flaws of the 4th generation phone with some very simple solutions and a few extras. The fixes: a lightly textured plastic back case for better grip,  a removable battery for easy replacement, and a fixed lower cover for the WiFi antenna. The extras: iOs5, 8 megapixel camera, and a faster A5 processor.

Designer: Enrico Penello


  • Theo says:

    Well the design is only changed in two ways (other than labels). First the labels, we know these changes have been made, such a design should predict further changes. The detachable back is a unlikely. Apple standardizes its models to maintain the brand (its why no variety exists, a single line of phones with each being the improvement over the next). The new phone has to be visually different from the previous model, so that there is pressure to upgrade or look outdated (because so few improvements are made that otherwise its only worth upgrading every 2/3 releases). The detachable battery is unlikely. Apple likes its products un-modifiable, whether that’s at the basic level of no non apple parts (a battery that gives longer life but is not apples) or actual tinkering (different processor added etc.). Also as a) the battery improves with each model and b) the battery degrades over time by having a permanent battery they drive people to upgrade at each release.
    I do like the design. Though I think the changes (not the ones we already knew were coming) are unlikely, and think that the design will change more. Additionally I am surprised to see a concept model that doesn’t include the apple smart bezel in it.

  • tom says:

    useless project, time loose

  • kev says:

    why would this make it on here?
    no thoughts, no design, poorly done, simple extrude on CAD.. thumbs down X1000

  • jsj23 says:

    R.I.P Steve Jobs .

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