Lean Dish for the Crispy Toast Lover

A nice concept for a minimal yet functional dish that keeps your morning toast crispy. The  Lean Dish has two subtle ridges raised just high enough, and spaced just far enough apart, to support a varying range of bread slice sizes. This prevents it from touching runny eggs and butter (unless you love that sort of thing). It saves plates because you only have to use one dish. Cheers to crispy toast!

Designer: Jon Liow


  • Mike Boys says:

    Such a simple idea… I love it.

  • Peter Reid says:

    No,it’s stupid

  • artur says:

    Ridiculous. What if, let’s say, I eat one of the slices… oh no! the concept doesn’t work anymore.

    Nice try, but seriously, I really like it when I can enjoy my brakfast without having precarious structures in my way.

  • ahmid says:

    I think this is more a design observation than anything else. I think it’s kinda cool. something muji would put out.

  • Hunter says:

    For the kids who like to play with their food.
    Adam Sandler comes to mind.

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