Beauty in Destruction

This striking design has one very unusual inspiration- destruction! Designer Paul Sandip found beauty in cracked glass and translated it into this unique and imaginative piece, the FRAChair.

Designer: Paul Sandip


  • Thanks a lot. Great post.

  • suhasini says:

    I love it….

  • Chantelle says:

    Great chair love it

  • I suppose inspiration can come from anywhere. Next time I see something broken… I’ll try to find the beauty in it. That’s kinda deep….

  • rhe says:

    buu, I was expecting seeing something being really destructed. Instead I saw renderings of a chair in the studio with trees reflected on its surface. But that’s just me being niggling.
    Nice inspiration, however, not very smart (or to say – efficient) use of material. I think this could be done in much more essential and even more striking way (as without description I’d never think of the thing that got you inspired). But hey, I think that it’s really worth looking deeper into this problem. Intriguing things could come out of it – this one is a little bit too bland.

  • Greg says:

    I think the description needs revising. There’s nothing unique or imaginative about ANOTHER effing disc chair or whatever they’re called. Furniture designers need to be more imaginative.

  • paul sandip says:

    thanks for the comments 🙂

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